CFO Advice: Crypto & Blockchain in the receivables management industry

What is Blockchain?

Which digital currencies have you implemented for your receivables solution?

How can a fintech startup make use of blockchain?

Would fintechs be the reason for the dawn of cash payments soon?

As an example, in Japan, credit card companies are running out of credit card numbers. Due to an increased demand for online payment options during the covid pandemic, along with the government’s point reward system to stop the country’s “addiction to cash”, Japan might have to add a 17th digit to their credit cards. The reducing of cash payments is already a global trend and the pandemic situation acted as a catalyst for this shift.

Has the pandemic influenced fintech payments?

The new wave of fintechs in the payments space are disrupting incumbents by replacing the outdated systems, which a surprisingly high number of traditional collection companies still use... Thanks to the power of open APIs in a forward-looking regulatory environment, and a lack of technical legacy constraints, fintechs have the speed, agility and technology to address current consumer and business needs.

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