5 Reasons Why FinTech Debt Collectors Are Cool Guys

💬 1. They master omnichannel communication

OMB Media

💡 2. They use AI and Machine Learning to validate and enrich data

An ace up fintech debt collectors’ sleeve is their use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics to compare and adjust all consumer related data points.

🍰 3. They make integration a piece of cake for clients

Fintech debt collection agencies such as eCollect operate with the best-in-class software tools that allow smooth integration even into the most complex technical infrastructures. Thus, complex and modern business models are able to gain control over their cash flow in real time.

💸 4. They let people pay however and whenever suits them best

🕦 5. They go beyond borders and think out of the box

Fintech receivable management platforms are not only multi-language and multi-currency, but also cross-border and multi-jurisdictional.

Europe’s leading receivables management platform

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